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Visit Shanghai Sun Yat-sen Former Residences

Sun Yat-sen organized and led a revolution against the Qing Empire in the first decade of the 20th century. He was became a temporary first president of the country at Shanghai tours the end of the Qing Empire in 1912. Shanghai was China’s most international and modern city, and he and his family lived in this Western-style house in the International Settlement that was a large self-governing British-run district of foreigners. He traveled often, and he probably wasn’t actually there much from 1918 to the time of his death in 1924. Next to his former house, there is a museum building about him.

There is a new museum in a three-story building next to the house. It measures 700 square meters, and it has hundreds of artifacts and mementos that you can see. The main museum is on the first floor, and Shanghai tour the second and third floors of that building have offices.

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His wife lived in the house afterwards, but Japan attacked, and she moved to Chongqing in western China. When she returned after World War II, the house was damaged. The site became a memorial, and it became an officially protected site in 1961. Now it is a museum open to the public.


Address: Former Residence of Dr Sun Yat-sen / The Museum of Dr Sun Yat-sen, 7 Xiangshan Road, Shanghai. You can show the address to a taxi driver. The museum is close to Xintiandi that is a new ritzy and well designed shopping and China tours dining area that is a favorite with foreigners.

Metro: There are two metro stops that are about 15 minutes walking distance away. You can take Line 10 to the Xintiandi Station and get out by Exit 6; or you can take Line 1 to the Huangpi Road North Station.

Bus: Lots of buses go there such as 2, 24, 36, 96, 786, and 926.

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