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Dongtai Road Antique Market-Shanghai Travel

Shanghai is a shopping city and a great place Shanghai tours to go treasure hunting is Dongtai Road Antique Market. It’s a nice change of pace from the large department stores and malls on Nanjing Road. Outdoor vendors line several streets on the outskirts of the Old Town. Antiques are few and far between and replicas, or fakes, abound but you will find plenty of vintage items, traditional crafts, curios and assorted knick-knacks. Among the stalls with embroidered slippers for bound feet, chopsticks, lanterns and furniture you also come across Communist-era posters, calligraphy brushes and copies of The Little Red Book in several languages.

Dongtai Road Antique Market is located in the crossing between Liuhe Road and Dongtai Road. It is a reputed street featuring old crafts. Flooding foreigners come to hunt for Shanghai tours their favorites.

Shanghai tours

The residential lanes surrounding the market are atmospheric and worth China tours prowling. Low rise buildings are adorned with hanging laundry and narrow lanes beckon you to wander through and see where they lead.

How To Get There

The metro stop closest to the market is South Huangpi Road. Taxis are abundant and inexpensive in Shanghai and while most cab drivers know the market they do not speak English. Ask the reception at your hotel to write down the name of the market in Chinese so you can hand it to the driver. Most hotels have business cards with their address in English and Chinese and a space on the back Yangtze River cruises where the Chinese name of a destination can be filled in.

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