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Shanghai Tour-Tour Shanghai Arboretum

The Shanghai Arboretum is an outstanding botanical garden which Shanghai tours always entrances the visitor. The 200 acre garden features large greenhouses and a diverse array of plant varieties. The Arboretum is renowned for its medicinal themed garden, bonsai garden and orchid garden. Notable features include a tropical greenhouse with its myriad of plant varieties and the Rose Garden with its attractive blooms. Another highlight is the bamboo grove with its numerous bamboo shoots belonging to no less than 100 different varieties.

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Address: Shanghai Botanical Garden, No. 1111 Longwu Road, Shanghai. You can show the address to Yangtze River cruises a taxi driver.

Metro: Line 3 goes there. Get off at Shilonglu Station.


Entrance No. 1: Take 56, 714, 720, 770, 820, 824, or 958 and get off at Shanghai Botanical Garden.

Entrance No. 2: Take 56, 714, 720, 770, 824, or 958 and get off at Longshui Nanlu.

Entrance No. 3: Take 131, 718, 720, 820, or 824 and get China tours off at Yuannan Xincun. Take 131, 718, 720, 857, or 957 and get off at Huicheng Xincun.

Entrance No. 4: Take 111, 144, 156, 857, or 957 and get off at Shilong Road.

Important Information

Price: Restricted admission costs 15 RMB or about 2.40 USD. Admission to see whole garden including the Bonsai Garden and other a few other special sections costs 40 RMB or more than 6 USD. Entry to the Bonsai Garden costs about 7 RMB or a little more than a dollar USD. Students may get an 8% discount ticket; and a tour group of over 30 persons get an 8% discount too. Entering the main gate is free for people who are older than 70, and they get a discount for entering other areas.

Time: 8:00 - 17:00.

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