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See Shanghai Zoo in My Shanghai Tour

The place to see pandas, golden-haired monkeys and South China tigers in the city is, of course, the Shanghai Zoo, an ecological Shanghai tours garden near Hongqiao International Airport in Changning District. The zoo, rated national level, covers 74 hectares, including more than 7 hectares of enclosures.

In 1900 the area was a horse race track built by the British, in 1916 it became a golf course for businessmen. It was later turned into a park and in 1955 it was officially Shanghai tour opened to the public as a zoo. Over the years the Shanghai Zoo has constantly been developing and improving animal enclosures to provide better environments for the residents and a more pleasurable experience for visitors. It has so far received more than 150 million visitors.

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Plants are carefully selected to create natural scenes and ecologically friendly environments. The park biologists also select flowers with nectar that attracts butterflies and other insects. The sight of butterflies, the color and China tours fragrance of blooms are major attractions and many photographers capture the beautiful scenes. The Shanghai Zoo has large green areas with large well-established trees, among the total of 100,000 trees in nearly 600 species.

The zoo provides areas for amusement and leisure, restaurants, boating children’s rides and opportunities for visitors to learn about animals and the environment. It cooperates in scientific Yangtze River cruises  and technical research to help people better understand and protect animals.

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