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Jiuzhaigou, the Amazing Fairyland in China

Jiuzhaigou, the Amazing Fairyland in China

Jiuzhaigou Valley, reputed as a "fairyland", is situated in the Jiuzhaigou County of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China. 40 km down the snow-capped Minshan Mountains there is a magic valley where scatter over 100 multicolored lakelets of various sizes, which are named "haizi " by the local Tibetans, the superb mountain lakelets gifted by nature to this place. Jiuzhaigou consists of nine Tibetan villages distributed between the thick virgin forests and "haizi", hence the name. Due to its special geographical features, many people joined different kind of China customized tour to visit Juizhaigou to discover this reputed fairyland in China.

The scenery in Jiuzhaigou is simply charming in all seasons. The spring witnesses green buds coming out of branches and waterfalls flowing briskly; in summer, the lakes are surrounded by green shades where birds sing and dance in between; leaves turn colorful in autumn while everywhere becomes a color palette; in winter, while the mountains and valleys are wrapped in snow, the waterfalls are much of some running jades. Considering limited time and energy, some people prefer to visit Jiuzhaigou after finishing their Chongqing tour, because they are near to each other.

In a secluded pure land deep on the plateau, where the tranquility reveals our heartbeats and the breathtaking sceneries of the four seasons linger, you can hardly confess your feelings in any earthly words. Jiuzhaigou is a divine place of water. Water is the soul of the place, embodied by the mountain lakes and waterfalls. The water in Jiuzhaigou is crystal clear, yet presenting multicolored and twinkling brightness with refractions of the depositions formed under the lakes by dissolved limestone and multiple minerals. Coupled along the lakeshore with the inverted reflection of the tree colors, which will change with seasons, the scenery of lake and mountain builds Jiuzhaigou into a magic dreamy wonderland. What a holy pure “fairyland”! For Xian tours, you may be overwhelmed by the impressive Terracotta Army, but for Jiuzhaigou travel, you may be hooked by the breathtaking scenery of it. You may have the illusion that you are in the fairyland.

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