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Tour to Shanghai China Pudong

Shanghai is a rather young city by Chinese standards but Pudong was clearly set aside during the boom years to become the icon of the modern rise of China. The skyline is one of China business travel the most noteworthy you will ever see. The commercial area right along the river provides a dizzying plethora of options for shopping and dining. There are several attractions such as Pearl Tower as well. The design was meant to give the ultimate modern city feel and I think it achieves it very well. If you are in Shanghai, you definitely need to make time to hang out here.

Pudong feels like a different area... the further in the quieter it gets. There are plenty of parks and green areas as well as nice places to eat. Not many shopping experiences are found Shanghai tours further out but those near Lujiazui and Century Ave are good... There's 2 great electronic markets near CenturyAvenue and the Underground market at the Science and Tech stop.. for all those of you who like a good bargain.

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Metro Line 2's Lujiazui Station is in the middle of central Pudong, within easy walking distance to both the Pearl Tower and the Jin Mao Tower. The Century Avenue Metro Station is a major interchange. Lines 2, 4 and 9 all come there from Yangtze River cruises various parts of Puxi, and Line 6 which runs North-South through Pudong comes there as well. Lines 7, 8 and 13 also cross the river and provide Puxi/Pudong connections, but they run to less central southern areas of the district.

The Maglev, extremely fast (Top speed 430 kph/270 mph) magnetic levitation train from Pudong Airport connects to Longyang Rd Station on Metro Line 2. It finishes running at about 9.30PM. Line 2 also runs to Pudong airport until 9PM.Expect China tours to pay around ¥150 by taxi from the airport.The cheapest way to get to Pudong from Puxi is to take the ferry from the Bund, near Yan'an Donglu, at the price of ¥2.

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