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Discover China Shanghai Old Street Further

Walking into Shanghai Old Street, you feel looking back to the busy bazaar of Shanghai 100 years ago. Historically, Shanghai Old Street is also known as Fangband Road, where a great many old banks, jewelry shops, restaurants, theatres China tours and other shops assembled, forming a crowed streets with tour, shopping, entertainment as well as culture.

Shanghai Old StreetWith a length of 825 meters, its eastern section extends to Renmin Road and western section to Henan Road. The unique geographical location and special landscapes along the street make it highly boast for its business value. The architectural style and layout from east to west display the evolvement of the historical culture in Shanghai from Yangtze River cruises late Ming Dynasty to the early Republic up to the Western culture. All business along the street features the traditional character and fold culture.

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The street is divided into two sections: Eastern section and Western Section. By decoration and alteration, the eastern section keeps the features of residence between the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic with checked windows, shop front of wooden boards, balustrades and swing doors, roofs qualified with upturned eaves and China business travel protruding corners, laced drain-pipes and horse-shape wall tops. It gathers a variety of shops such as florists, shoe and clothing retailers, noodle restaurant and specialty dealers selling Chinese tea and snacks. The house in western section is the copy of the Ming and Qing Dynasty giving prominence to the folk custom of old residence in Shanghai with black tiles and white-washed walls, red columns and upturned eaves.

The street recurs many hundred-year old stores including Tonghanchun, Laotongsheng, W uliangcai, Wanyouquan, Qiutianbao, Teahouse of Old Shanghai, Deshun Western Food Restaurant, Chunfeng Deyi Restaurant, Xishi Bean Curd House, Dingniangzi Cloth Store, Rongshun Restaurant, Baoyintang, etc. The newly-opened Danfeng Teahouse, Clinic of Renowned Traditional Chinese medical doctors as well as Shanghai tours others of traditional characteristics make a panorama of all trades and business in Shanghai. Shanghai Old Street is an ideal place to experience the taste of the Old Shanghai. It is the best place to bring you back to old Shanghai of the early period of 20 century.

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