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Stunning Shanghai Guyi Garden

The Guyi Park is a very pleasant place for a stroll. It was originally constructed during the Ming Dynasty by an officer and offers several beautiful corridors, teahouses and landscaped gardens that surround the centrally located lake covered China tours with lily pads. The garden has been expanded and rebuilt several times but is a very attractive place.

The Guyi Garden comprises a number of tourist attractions, such as Yiye Hall, Frolicking Goose Pond, Pine and Crane Garden, Green and Clear Garden, Mandarin Duck Lake and Nanxiang Wall, in addition to the architectural structures of the Ming Dynasty, antithetical couplets, poems and pebble paths, which represent the ancient, unsophisticated, elegant and fine style, hence a saying: "Suzhou has the best gardens in the country, and Shanghai is proud of Guyi Garden in Nanxiang."The beautiful pebble Yangtze River cruises paths, poems, antithetical couplets and the ancient architectural style represent the fine, elegant and ancient style that was typically found in the gardens of the past eras.

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This popular classic Guyi Park is laid out surrounding the Frolicking Goose Pond surrounding which are various streams, winding paths, pavilions, terraces and chambers. The garden is also home to two Ynxiang Pagodas that can be traced back to 1400 years in the past. These are the oldest pagodas in the city and are Shanghai tours highly popular.

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