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Must-eat Local Food in Great Shanghai

In the city, there are two famous places to get Nanxiang pork dumplings. One is the area around the Yuyuan marketplace, while the other is at the snack restaurants at the China tours intersection of Tibet Road and Yan'an Road near People's Square.

Vegetarian Stuffed Buns

Vegetarian Stuffed BunThe vegetarian stuffed bun is the specialty of certain the Yu Garden and Old City God's Temple area snack restaurants. The bun itself is a light white bread. It is stuffed with finely chopped green vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and marinated bean curd with sesame oil and sugar as the condiments. It's quite appetizing in color, aroma Yangtze River cruises and taste. You can find these in other parts of China, but the Shanghai has its own variety. Enjoy!

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Pigeon-Egg Dumplings

With the shape of a pigeon egg, this dumpling weighs about one tenth of a liang (5 grams). It is made of glutinous-rice paste with a filling of a mixture of sugar, osmanthus, and mint, and is eaten in the summer months. It is soft and fine, and tastes sweet and flowery-flavored.This delicacy is served exclusively at the Shangri-la tour Osmanthus Hall opposite the Zigzag Bridge at the Yu Yuan Bazaar.

Dumplings Coated in Mashed Beans

Mashed red beans are used as covering of this dumpling delicacy. Its filling may be pork, red beans, or sesame seeds. It is delicious and refreshing, and is easy to carry if home consumption is desired. You will find this Shanghai tours delicacy among the most famous dumplings served at Qiaojiashan Snack House at the corner of Xiangyang and Yongjia roads.

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