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Tour Shanghai Confucian Temple China

Another gate (Da Cheng) leads into a rectangular courtyard, which is flanked by buildings containing souvenir shops and displays of Ming and Qing tablets.At the far northern end of the courtyard is the main Da Chang Hall, containing a statue of a seated Confucius carved from a camphor tree, flanked by his favorite China tours musical instruments, a drum and bells. The walls are decorated with stone tablets carved with the entire text of the Analects, the collection of Confucius' teachings compiled by his students.

The second path through the complex begins at the south end with the Study (Xue) Gate, through which only scholars who had passed the national examination could traditionally pass. This is followed by the Yangtze River cruises Etiquette (Yi) Gate, which traditionally required proper clothing in order to pass through.

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On the north side of the Yi Gate, visitors pass the Listening to Rain Hall on the right, then approach the large Ming Lun Hall in the center of the complex. Originally a lecture hall, this is now used as a museum of root carvings. The study path terminates at the northern end with the Zun Jing Pavilion, originally a library Shanghai tour containing volumes of the Confucian Classics. It now houses a museum of Ling Bi stones from Anhui Province.

The path on the east side of the compound does not have its own gate. It begins at the south with the three-story Kui Xing Pagoda, the oldest structure at Wen Miao Temple (1730; restored 1855). An attractive hexagonal structure rising 66 feet (20 m) high, the pagoda is set within a small garden. North of this is a reflecting pool with Ling Bi stones, behind which is educational tours in China Ruxue Shu, a former classroom for Confucian studies that now houses a museum of over 400 teapots. Ceremonies are held here each year on Confucius' birthday, September 28.

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