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Explore Shanghai Wild Animal with Your Child

Shanghai's only drive-through safari, home to some 5,000 animals (200 species), is located all the way out by the Pudong International Airport. At least the South China tigers, lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, camels, bears, elephants, hippos, and flamingos China tours have more legroom here than in the Shanghai Zoo.Buses transport visitors through the grounds, and there's also a walk-through area with birds, monkeys, seals, and sea lions.

Performance Name Time Content Animals welcome 8:30-9:30 Monkey walking a tightrope, Qunhou juggling, wrestling a bear Sea lion show 10:00,15:15 Drink the water jump, water ballet, inverted Shanghai tour package head the ball Greyhound racing performance in Happy Valley 14:15 Running dog Greyhound racing performance in Happy Valley Large Square Performing Arts Beasts Mountain Arena Welcome beasts, peacock, Western Qingqi, the Silk Road Camel, heroic cheetah, lion dog Wife, elephants performed.

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Note: Animals welcome weekends only; temperatures above 35 degrees and the match was canceled Gree dogs, the other as usual.

South Africa Wildlife: October 6, 1998, after China and South Africa established diplomatic relations, the Shanghai Wild Animal Park welcomed a group of special guests - South African wildlife. 9 150 of these animals arrived in Shanghai, China, plane ride, including Shanghai tours the 34 giraffe, there are other white rhino, eland, white oryx, springbok, blue   wildebeest, black wildebeest and lions in South Africa and so on.

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