Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

My Travel to Wild Animal Park Shanghai

We went there on a Monday and took a taxi from our hotel. The park was quite big and we saw many animals. Our son was delighted to see the white tiger cubs , the liger, the lemurs, the kangaroos and the beautiful pandas among others. The animals seemed to be well cared. We noticed that some local people fed them with peanuts, potato chips and other unhealthy snacks. This China tours should not be encouraged as this may cause a lot of harm to them. There was a kids corner where our son could do some karting but they suddenly stopped working at 2.00 p.m and we didn't understand why as we did not speak any Chinese. There were also not many places to buy food. However, we had a nice day out there.

We visited the zoo on the quietest day, the day after the moon festival holiday, so from a non crowded visit it was relaxing, interesting and loved riding the elephant and cuddling the baby chimp and other monkey there, the show was really good, we loved the bears that walked on there back feet. Make sure you take yourself some lunch. The lemur island was very special we found Yangtze River cruises a group of babies and had so much fun with them feeding them some seeds we got from the hotel where we were staying. The day we went they didnt feed the tigers live chickens but still awesome having them come up and being feed centimetres from your face. You can hire a bike but it was easy to walk around, we spent all day there and would recommend to any age group.

Shanghai tours

We have been going to the wild animal park for more than 9 years now.When we first went, it was very exciting as we rented a small bus to take us through the gates. My wife bought several live over Shanghai travel guide priced chickens so she could feed the lions and tigers. The bus had no safety and the animals almost came through the doors and windows. We shocked many customers and co-workers as they sat petrified. Now they have buses with large steel bars on the windows, seats in the middle and a special chute for feeding the wild animals. The large bars for safety make it rather difficult to get any good action photos and the large covered chute blocks out any vantage points for taking photos.

Safety is the concern now and can still be exciting for the first time visitors, but not Shanghai tour package as great as it once was.

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