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Must-visit Attractions in Shanghai Travel

There are many attractions in Shanghai. A lot of them could provide wonderful experience of Chinese culture. But for some kids, the novelty may wear off very soon and they could get bored in no China tours time. Don't worry, there are also quite a few attractions in Shanghai that could bring enough fun and excitement to your kids!

The best attraction for kids would probably be Happy Valley, which is a very large amusement park. Happy Valley is divided into seven zones with different themes: "Happy Hour", "Gold Mine Town", "Ants Kingdom", "Typhoon Bay", "Sunshine Beach", "Shanghai Bund", "Sunshine". Each of them offer a lot of entertaining items. Among them there are several roller coasters. And the largest one "Wooden Coaster-Fireball" is quite impressive. In such a large amusement park, most Yangtze River cruises children will easily find many happy hours.

Shanghai tours

Although Happy Valley is a great place for kids, it is at the rim of Shanghai and far from almost everywhere else in Shanghai. It would take at least an hour to reach Happy Valley from the center of Shanghai. If you don't feel like going so far, there are still several great places where you could take your kids. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium in Lu Jia Zui is Shanghai tours one of the largest aquarium in Asia. With the 14,000 rare creatures of more than 300 kinds, it cerntainly will give your kids several happy hours.

There is another aquarium in Shanghai, which is Aquaria 21 in the west of Shanghai. It is located at the bottom of a small lake in Chang Feng Park. While Aquaria 21 is a little smaller than Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, it has an interesting selection of animals, including almost 200 sharks! There are no large sharks among them, but what's good is that you could actually go down and swim with them. Maybe it is too scary for Shanghai tour   young kids. But at least waching so many should be a sight!

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