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See Shanghai Botanical Garden China

The Shanghai Botanical Gardens cover over 200 acres (81 hectares) and are home to a variety of flora and fauna including a collection of spectacular orchids. Tickets are 15rmb unless you're interested in China tours the Bonsai Garden in which case you'll have to pay extra.

Located in the southern reaches of Xuhui district, Shanghai botanical gardens is tucked away from the main strips of the city. For those in desperate need of refuge from the noise and bustling Yangtze River cruises pace of Shanghai, the botanical gardens guarantee a spot where visitors can enjoy much needed peace and quiet.

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15RMB is the entrance fee to the park, but for 40RMB an "all-access ticket" makes all areas available including the “Tropicanium” conservatory. Situated in the northeast section of the park, this giant greenhouse is an authentic taste of the tropics, complete with mosquitoes! The greenhouse’s interior is so warm that a rather impromptu and Shanghai tour package   rapid stripping off of clothing often takes place just inside the entrance, much to the amusement of the Chinese staff. For true tranquility, find Penjing Garden which offers a place to perch, to reflect, or to snooze whilst enjoying the Bonsai trees.

Price: Restricted admission costs 15 RMB or about 2.40 USD. Admission to see whole garden including the Bonsai Garden and other a few other special sections costs 40 RMB or more than 6 USD. Entry to the Bonsai Garden costs about 7 RMB or a little more than a dollar USD. Students may get an 8% discount ticket; and a tour group of over 30 persons get an 8% discount Shanghai tour too. Entering the main gate is free for people who are older than 70, and they get a discount for entering other areas.

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