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Traveling to Jing'an Temple

At night, the historic Jing'An temple is like a mystical China tours temple that just suddenly appeared in the middle of a modern city. It's truly pretty at night. Across is a nice park by the same name and a few minutes walk is the nearby and very trendy 10 Corso Como building. The temple is also located in a busy shopping area as it's on West Nanjing Road.

A temple in the most unexpected of locations. You have to pay to enter, and surprisingly, once you are inside the temple walls it does seem to become quieter and more relaxing. The temple itself has really interesting architecture. It is also a working temple where prayers and offerings are made. There is a penny wish tower in the middle of the Yangtze River cruises temple square. Take your tin hat as much fun is had doing penny toss.

Shanghai tours

Very surprising location for such a temple: in the middle of the skyscrapers. Nice for a calm moment and away from the rush of the city. Unfortunately there was quite some construction work going on when i was there, limiting what ine could see.Anyhow a worthwhile visit and not too expensive with 30¥ per person.This active Buddhist temple is worth a visit. I was impressed with the beauty of the temple. It is located in central Shanghai and very easy to get there. Jiang'an Temple is a Shanghai tour package must see and I highly recommend a visit to it.

This is a beautiful temple surrounded by towering buildings, billboards, and Jing'an Park. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the architecture, especially against the very blue skies (as mentioned by another reviewer). I originally planned to take a quick 30 minute walk, but ended up staying over an hour taking in the great energy. Went early morning on a weekday, so it was not crazy busy. The entrance fee was 30 RMB. Inside you had the Pagoda and access to the bell towers and a couple halls. There is limited access to many areas, including those occupied by the monks. You will also see Buddhists come and pray. I sat down for a good 20 minutes, just taking in the experience. Very calm, which is amazing as its walking distance from a busy interaction and the high end shops on Nanjing Lu. If you are in the area and have a couple minutes to spare, hop over to the Jing'an Park (small, but enjoyed watching the elderly dance and play with their grandchildren). Overall, I loved China tour the experience.

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