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China Shanghai Tours-Visit Shanghai People's Square

The area of People's Park was once a China tours course for horse racing. After 1949, the new rulers transformed these decadent function to a park, the People's Park. People's Park and the neighboring, smaller, Yanzhong Guangchang park are undoubtedly beautiful city parks in the beginning. The character of the park is severely compromised. The park is bisected by two traffic obstacles the Ranmin Avenue and the Yan'an Elevated Road. The park also became a beautiful building site for the Governement Shanghai, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Moca, a museum of contemporary Chinese art. You could also say that the park is is no longer of the people but for art.

In addition there are a number of other small buildings on the park added.However, there are still a number of locations in the park where the Chinese atmosphere is very evident. At a beautiful pond with many Yangtze River cruises lotus flowers you can still meet a lot of residents of the old city. They sit on benches or under a kind of pergola-like structure. In the shadow there are tables and benches to do games, especially older people make use of it. The park looks worn and worn out at the end with some very large flower beds, bright in the sun, so there is none.

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On the north side of the park is a beautiful large sculpture of stainless steel. The sculpture is embraced by a curved wall. On the wall are some sculpted images made with cubist Shanghai tour package forms (Socialist Realist bravado). This monument commemorates the May 30 Movement, in 1925 when police fired into a crowd of Chinese people. The shooting resulted in a swell of support for the Communists. The monument itself has been there since the 1990s.

People Square is a park. The park itself is peaceful.

The area around the park is the centre of activity in Shanghai. A major Metro Station , Nanjing street. if you are in Shangai you will pass People's Square many times.Just beware of the "Tea scammers". google Tea Scam in shanghai and be China tour prepared.

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