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Best Shanghai Tours-Visit Duolun Culture Street

Cultural celebrities including LuXun, Qu Qiubai, Guo Moruo and Mao Dun bad met China tours here to carry out revolutionary activities. The life-like copper statues at street side vividly depict the unique features of the literati and a tour of their former residences helps to learn about their stories in the old days. Duolun Road is so called "An Outdoor Museum on Shanghai style Architecture" represented by famous Hong De Church and multi-featured residences of Kong XiangXi, Bai ChongXi and Tang Enbo. Besides People may linger in the halls of collections inducing those of newspapers, porcelain wares, book, currencies, bizarre rocks, chopsticks, jade wares, SuZhou embroidery, etc. Duolun road has become an excellent place for leisure, sightseeing and cultural activities, dotted with antique market, bookstores and teahouses. With its archaic sights and elegant cultural atmosphere Duolun Road is listed as one of the top tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Founded by chopsticks collector Mr. Lan Xiang, China's only chopsticks collection folk art hall has a rare collection of over 980 kinds of Chinese and foreign chopsticks, numbering nearly 1600 Yangtze River cruises pairs.

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With old furniture in nostalgic style of 20s and 30s and non-stop projection of old Shanghai classical movies, you may thumb through old Shanghai newspaper "Shanghai Daily" and "Photo Copies of Friend movie China business tour magazine" and paintings and calligraphy by old movie stars, to trace long-lost metro politan happenings.

Currency Exhibition Hall As Asia's largest ancient currency company, the currency Exhibition Hall displays over 8000 in category and more Shanghai travel guide than 1000 in number.


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