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Top Shanghai Tours-Shanghai Shikumen Stone Gate

The Shikumen Museum which tells the China tours story of traditional Shanghai life opened officially on 18 October, 2012. The three-story shikumen (stone-gate) house hidden on Yongkang Road in Xuhui District is open to public every Saturday while reservations are required on other days, said Da Shiping, the owner of the house who turned it into a museum. There is no admission charge.

The house, built in 1925, has been owned by Da's family since 1942 and four generations of his family have lived there. Exploring different rooms inside the museum is fun given Da's rich collection of everyday items from a bygone Yangtze River cruises era.

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In the bedroom on the second floor, Da opened the wardrobe, where his aunt's old qipao hangs in immaculate condition. An old-fashioned copper hot water bottle used by Da's parents is on the bed. Da's parents wrote and drew a picture book to celebrate the 1950 Marriage Law. It is considered the most precious exhibit as famous painters Chen business travel to China Shifa and He Youzhi contributed pictures for the book.

"People who used to live here can no longer afford to do so," he added. "With this new wealth and foreign residents, it's not going to be the same Jianyeli -- at least not the one we're familiar Shanghai tour with."

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