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Travel to Shanghai Tianzifang-China Shanghai Tours

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Tian Zi Fang serves as a sort of creative and bohemian center of Shanghai. In Tian Zi Fang there are artists, especially painters, doing their thing. Thus, it has an element of Beijing's 798 Art District with an active Yangtze River cruises creative-artistic energy, but not nearly as expansive and industrial as that famous Beijing art space. There are many small shops, cafes, and curious stores that hold all sorts of items of interest.

You will be amazed by the abyrinth of the alleys in Tianzifang. Going through the maze, you will find numerous workshops, studios, tea houses, open-air eateries, cafes and China business travel artist products. You will hate to leave Tianzifang, a place of nostalgia.

Tianzifang Travel Tips

1. You won't have to take your money, but you must take your camera.

2. Tianzifang has convenient transportation with lots of choices for eating and shopping.

3. Apart from commercial buildings, there are still many private houses. Please respect their privacy.

4. Some shops, artist products, or even storefronts, are not allowed for photo taking.

5. Actually there are many shops in and around Tianzifang. It is hard to see one by one. Just having good preparation and see them selectively.

6. Tianzifang is free of charge and open all year around.

How to get there

Public Bus: Bus 24, Bus 96 (from West Jianguo Road); Bus 17, 41, 146 and 786 (from South Shaanxi Road); Bus 869, 968, 932, 786,933 and 36 (from South Chongqing Rod) Metro: Take Metro Line 9 and get off at Shanghai tours Dapuqiao (浦桥站) and exit from Exit 1.

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