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Great Shanghai Tours-Discover Shanghai Jin Mao Tower

There are few more potent China tours symbols of Shanghai's drive to go stratospheric than the Jin Mao Tower. In fact, there's only one. Jin Mao is the city's second-highest skyscraper (the highest is the nearby Shanghai World Finance Center), and ranks up there in the list of the world's tallest buildings. It clocks in at 421 m (1,381 ft).

The architecture of the 'Golden Prosperity Building' gestures at both the Western skyscraper and the Chinese pagoda. It's built around the number 8, which is auspicious in Asian culture - 88 floors, octagonal Yangtze River cruises forms.

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Most of the floors are taken up by offices, but the upper floors are devoted to the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. An observation deck offers you the chance to take the lightning-speed lifts and see what it's like up there in the rareified air. The Jin Mao tower is in the Lujiazui district, in Pudong. This is the financial district. Take Line 2 of the subway and get off at business travel to China Lujiazui.


Jin Mao Tower was designed by the famous SOM Architecture Office. The whole tower comprises the tower building, the skirt building and the basement, with the total construction area of 287,360 square meters.

The "Grade A" office block -Office building from 3F to 50F.

"The best business hotel in Asia" and the best local hotel: the Grand Hyatt Hotel

The highest Observation Deck: the Observation Deck on F88 of Jin Mao Tower

The best Shopping Mall of Shanghai: the Shopping Mall from Shanghai tour F3 to F6 of the skirt building.

VIP meeting site: Auditorium of the skirt building.

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