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Discover Fench Consession-Top Shanghai Tours

The Shanghai French Concession, also known China tours as French town, was a former foreign concession in Shanghai during the period of 1849 to 1946. It includes the area of Luwan and Xuhui District, which has always been Shanghai's most charming district.


The French Concession was the earliest, biggest and most prosperous Concession in Shanghai.

This area is the center of Catholicism in Shanghaim, as well as the premier Yangtze River cruises residential and retail districts of Shanghai. It is also a very popular tourist destination for both Chinese and foreigners.

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With its peaceful, picturesque, treetlined streets, this area retain an air of the "Paris of the East". At the same time, many of the small backstreets still have a very local travel to Shangri-la feel.

It’s one of the most popular parts of town for expats, especially Hengshan Lu and the Fumin/Changle crossroads.

Xintiandi and Shanghai art street Tianzifang are also in French Concession. Walking around these two place, you can get an idea of traditional Shanghai lifestyle, as well as enjoy Shanghai traditional Shangri-la tour buildings.

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