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Great Shanghai Tours-Explore Nanjing Road Shopping Street

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the China tours car-free central section between People's Park and Henan Zhonglu, is known for its stationery and book stores. One of the largest is the Shanghai Book City which is all Chinese language, or the the Foreign Book Store just down the street which caters to Western tastes.

Foreign Language Bookstore - South of Nanjing East Road, located in Fuzhou Road, between the intersection with Fujian Road and Henan Road on the northern side. Offers the largest variety of language learning books in Shanghai and is the best Yangtze River cruises place to shop for Chinese learning books. Its also popular with foreign language students.

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Wujiang Road ( Wujianglu, near Metro Shimen No.1 Rd) is a short, twisty alleyway packed with fiercely competitive shops selling snacks and small meals. Very cheap (most everything less than Y10) but very Shanghai tour package Chinese, with English menus basically unknown.

Xiaoyang Shengjian, 60 Wujiang Rd. Shanghai's most famous purveyor of shengjian , basically fried xiao long bao, and easily spotted thanks to the yellow signs and never-ending (but fast-moving) queue outside, with over 10,000 served daily. Pay at the cashier (a steal at ¥2.50 for 4), then join the queue, get your buns either on a plate to eat in, or packed in a box for take away. For those China tour  eating indoors, three types of soup are also available.

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