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Shanghai Tours-Reviews of Nanjing Road Shanghai

Nanjing East goes up to the Bund, ends at Daming China tours road near Fairmont Peace Hotel; of which Xizang Middle rd to Henan Middle rd (approx. over 2 Km in length) is a pedestrian road. This is where life is! From celebration of life to sleazy face of life - name anything - Nanjing East Pedestrian rd has an answer! This is a great place for watching life; watching people enjoying life! Specially a saturday evening at nanjing rd east is amazing!

People dancing here, people singing there, people performing on a stage, people playing music on a balcony, scores of people watching, enjoying, singing and dancing along, and walking again! It seems a non-stop progression of people at Nanjing Yangtze River cruises East! Hungry! scores of eateries are alongside the stretch. The workdays are rather quieter (!), wont miss people though! Take a leisurely stroll up to the Bund and enjoy life on Nanjing Rd. Tired? there are 'Mango trains' available to hop on and hop off for a petty fare. About the seedy side? Well, SHRUG OFF any unwarranted invitation/temptation - be it a cheap watch, a tea party, a photoshoot session, a friendship invitation, a massage or beyond! Simple!

Shanghai tours

China's No.1 shopping Street. A must walk in Shanghai is Nanjing Road a pedestrian street blocked to traffic but aware half way down a street goes through it and the motor bikes get China business tours through the barriers at various points along the walk. Start your walk from the Bund, Shops open 10 till 10 .

The main stretch of shops on Nanjing Road starts at the Bund and ends at the Jing'an Temple. It is divided into two parts: Nanjing Road E. and Nanjing Road W. The east section is the busiest shopping area in Shanghai, if not the busiest in China. On both sides of the road, there are many department stores with long histories, providing you with a wide choice of goods from food to clothes. But if you do not travel to Shanghai  have enough time, take a tourist bus which enables you to grasp the whole sight of the bustling pedestrian road in a short time at a cost of 2 yuan (25 US cents).

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