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Known as "China's No.1 Business Street", with over China tours 100 old name specialized shops, and Shanghai No.1 Department Store located here, selling general merchandise. Selling mainly high and medium class goods, many specialized shops and boutiques for famous brands, popular for garments and footwears in particular. Selling large assortment of daily necessities, mainly made in China, price range fit for wage earners with strong sense of good value for money.

Clothing Street at Huating Road

Garments of low price fashions.

Hardware Street at Beijing East Road

Hardware, electrical appliances and materials machine spare parts, accessories and Yangtze River cruises electrical tools.

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Antique Market at Dongtai Road

Second-hand porcelains, China business travel precious metals & stones, various folk cultural relics.

Second-hand Arts & Crafts Market at Jihe Road

Second-hand arts & crafts, souvenirs etc.

Flowers & Birds Market at Jiangyin Road:- Flowers, plants, fish, insects, birds and miniature pot Shanghai travel scenarios.

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