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Top Shanghai Tours-Visit Xintiandi Shanghai

Xintiandi is a fashionable China tours pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. This is an area to wine, dine and chill out.

Xintiandi is an outdoor mall development which incorporates traditional stone buildings (shikumen or shikudoor) and a modern shopping centre. It is famous for its concept of construction. It retains the antique walls, tiles and exterior of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai, while its interior embodies a totally different world of international gallery, bars Yangtze River cruises and cafes, boutiques or theme restaurants.

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The Shikumen, or literally "stone gate" is a style of housing in Shanghai, which blended features of east and west. The Shikudoor architectural style has become the most Shanghai tours distinctive feature of the folk house construction in Shanghai. Most of these constructions distributed in Huangpu district and Xuhui district.

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