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My Travel to Shanghai Zhujiajiao-Top Shanghai Tours

Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town China tours located in the joint place of transportation system among Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and Shanghai City. It has the superiority in its geographic location. It is near Hongqiao International Airport in the east, Kunshan in the north, Jiaxing in the south, and Pingwang in the west. The rivers and lanes are crossing one another. Nine long streets extend along the rivers, and thousands of ancient traditional buildings are erecting along the waters. Thirty six old bridges retain the charms of the history and humanity. Places of interest are just everywhere.

Zhujiajiao covers 47 sq. km looking like a folding fan inlayed in the beautiful mountains and waters. Mass of people takes it as the Venice in Shanghai. Zhujiajiao was one of four cultural ancient towns in Shanghai by Yangtze River cruises Shanghai Municipal Government in 1991.

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The natural beauty and the original architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasties attract many film directors here. They choose it as the scene and surroundings for their China business tours movies or TV programs; sometimes several films are simultaneously made here. Some people call it as the Hollywood of Shanghai.


1. Take Tour 4 Line from Shanghai Stadium directly to Zhujiajiao, the ticket is bought after you getting on the bus.

2. Take specialty coach line-Huzhu Line from People’s Square directly to Zhujiajiao Town.

3. People who drive car to there can take the line: city center-Yanan High China business travel Rack-entry section of Huqingpin Express(A9)-Zhongqing Road-Huqingpin Highway (National Highway 318)


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