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China Tours-Good Tips for Zhujiajiao Water Town Shanghai

One way to see the bridges is to go by boat; these China tours small boats seat 5 adults or 6 children. The fare is about 80 RMB (13 USD).

Zhujiajiao Cruise

Small boats are ubiquitous here, functioning as a nice way to get a view of the town and experience the local life, as the boats serve as important transportation method for local people. See our Yangtze River cruises cruise guide on Zhujiajiao.

Bars and Teahouses

There are many restaurants, bars or teahouses, such as the Viking Bar on Donghu Street and a teahouse called Book Room with thousands of books and magazines you can read while travel to Shanghai sipping your tea.

Shanghai tours

China Highlights can help you customize a tour to visit this ancient town, or just see our Shanghai tours.

Nearby Attractions

If you want to go boating on the Dianshan Lake, the only freshwater lake in the Shanghai area, boats are available at No. 60 Dongjing Street. The tickets cost about 50 RMB (8 USD).

The area around Dianshan Lake is also a resort and park; in the Shangri-la travel town you can visit Eastern Oasis and the Sun Island Holiday Villages.


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