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Top Shanghai Tours-My Reviews on Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai

All the monks and nuns China tours are very friendly and helpful. we love this temple and it is the temple where my new husband used to attend as a young boy. so we decided to have a small wedding ceremony in their kwan yin temple on 12-30-12. the temple has (volunteer) wedding coordinators and they are AMAZING at their volunteer jobs! we werent sure what to expect seeing as how we kind of made up our own thing as we went along the planning process. even at the rehearsal the day before we were a little lost it was kind of humorous- but all we had to do was tell them what we wanted and they made it happen!!!

The kwan yin temple is small it seats about 50 people, our guests kneeled on cushions, we had groomsmen and bridesmaids kneel with us up front as we exchanged vows and our matron of honor helped us with the tea ceremony. the Venerable Jan Hai gave a great service in mandarin and had an english translator. another Yangtze River cruises monk and nun volunteered to sing the song of blessing and play the instruments. it was glorious to say the least! the sheer beauty of the ceremony made me cry because it was so happy! everything went smoothly and setup and clean up was fast and the music we chose was played to our liking by the sound technician volunteer. it was perfect. i will dream about this for the rest of my life. and now we plan to attend the chinese lunar new year in february. i look forward to becoming a part of this temple for a very long time.

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The Jade Buddha Temple is one the most famous Buddhist temples in Shanghai, founded in 1882 with two Jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Burma by sea, which were a sitting Buddha (1.95 meters tall, 3 tonnes), and a smaller reclining Buddha representing Buddha's death. Besides, the temple now also has a much travel to Shangri-la larger reclining Buddha made of marble, donated from Singapore, and visitors may mistake this larger sculpture for the original, smaller piece.

The two precious jade Buddhist statues are not only rare cultural relics but also porcelain artworks. Both the Sitting Buddha and the Recumbent Buddha are carved with whole white jade. The sparkling and crystal-clear white jade gives the Buddhas the beauty of sanctity and make them China tour more vivid.

Ticket: 15 RMB

Opening Hour: 8:30 to 17:00

Buses Routes: 19, 14, 36, 54, 63, 68, 76, 105, 106, 112, 113, 138, 206, 223, 506, 516, 550, 563, 738, 768, 830, 837, 866, 922

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