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Tips for Traveling Shanghai Yuyuan Garden-China Shanghai Tours

The ancient memorial arch which China tours is engraved "Shanghai Old Street" word in Chinese characters is presented to you. In this street, people will find the traditional Chinese buildings with white walls and black roofs. The people, the hanging red lanterns, the ancient memorial arch, all of these form into a picture that describe the old Shanghai,

What to eat

Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao is also famous as a food street in Shanghai. There are lots of famous Shanghai local snacks can be found in Chenghuangmiao Old Street. Both domestic and foreign travelers prefer to come here to have a Shanghai Yangtze River cruises snack experience. The special dim sum in Lubolang Restaurant, the vegetable Chinese bum in Songyuelou, the Babao rice meal in Songyunlou, and the Nanxiang Chinese bum, all of these can be found in the old street.

Shanghai tours

What to see

The City God Temple of Shanghai is located in the most prosperous area of Shanghai. It is one of the most important Taoism architectures in Shanghai. Originally built in Ming Dynasty, this temple has a history of 600 years. From the Ming Dynasty, the scale of this temple kept enlarging. And now it covers an area of 33,000 square meters. It was destroyed during the China’ cultural revolution period and rebuilt since 1994. Till 2004, the City God Temple recovered from the damage and has been enlarged with newly built Shanghai tours halls such as Jiazi Hall, Chenghuang Hall, Wenchang Hall, etc.

Address: NO.1, Yichen Road, Huangpu District

Opening hours: 8:30 am -16: 00 pm

What to do

Shopping in Chenghuangmiao Shopping Mall

Chenghuangmiao area now has development into a shopping mall which is popular among travelers. Various kinds of shops such as clothing shops, toy shops and travel souvenir shops are spread here and there. And the stone road in this area will give people a feeling in the famous Chinese picture “Riverside scene of Qingming Festival”. You will get Chinese handicrafts, exclusive gifts, wonderful souvenirs and various other travel to Shangri-la exquisite items in these shops.

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