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China Tours-Visit Oriental Pearl Tower Further

The Shanghai Dongfang Minzhu Ta is really beautiful China tours and iconic of Shanghai! The appearance is really special with 2 glittering spheres. The interior was stylish and huge. The journey in the lift up to the observatory section was quick and short! I feel no significant ear pressure at all! The observatory section was good with transparent grounds that give chills! However the scenery from the top was simply amazing! You can nearly overlook Shanghai city! However, it was a little too crowded and a little stuffy, maybe they should control the number of people and adjust the air-con! A good attraction though!

Besides the sightseeing floors, there are also a lot of other facilities in the tower. The bottom of the tower is a department store and Shanghai City History Museum. Go a little higher into the lower big sphere 90 meters high, there is a science and fantasy city. The 5 small spheres between the two big spheres are small hotels. In the upper big sphere, there is a buffet restaurant Yangtze River cruises where you can have lunch for 200 RMB and dinner for 280 RMB. The top small sphere is designed as a space city.

Shanghai tours

Great once you're at the top, but standing in the queue from hell with people, jumping the queue, pushing and shoving spoiled the experience. So, first have a look to see how long you'll be waiting educational tours in China before committing. The glass walkway is a great experience indeed.

Nice place to see Shanghai from the skies. The bes part is where you can walk on plexiglass about 250 meters above the ground and see straight down. The upper deck was too much "disney world" to me. Not worth China business travel to visit.

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