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Shanghai Tours-Travel Reviews of Oriental Pearl Tower

The views from the Tower are China tours so great, and the best part is the glass (or acryllic) walkway partform around the sphere 200 meters above ground. really worth it!

although this is not the tallest building in Shanghai, it is still charming and attractive, up the top level of the tower you could see thousands of modern design buildings all over, it shows prosperity, the structure of this tower is nice looking although it has been built some 18 years ago, really a must visit place for tourists. Cannot retreat from the wow Yangtze River cruises factor as you approach the tower.

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Particularly at night from the Bund esplanade on the opposite river bank,the Oriental Pearl is a gem of a view with all the tower blocks and neon light show. Our first trip was at the start of Golden Week,a public holiday period and queues at the gate were in the thousands. Visitors Shangri-la adventure need to pick a work day as we did later when access is quite good and not crowded. Quite daunting looking up but awsome viewing from the top platform 351metres off the ground. Only downside for photos was outside glass gets mist and grime and inside has finger prints everywhere so best shots are from outside areas and river and building make spectacular photos with high polution days spoiling shots across the city.

The skyline around the Pearl is worth a trip to Shanghai and far and away surpasses anything we saw in Beijing. The tower was worth the visit. We loved the views, the frightening glass floor experience and the fun spiderman 'building' where people could take photos looking like they were spiderman. My 70 year old mum was hilarious hanging from one of the windows. Don't bother with the 'space capsule' which is on the highest level, its not worth the extra expense as you don't get good views and you wear very Shanghai travel silly shoe covers.

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