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Reviews on Touring the Bund-Shanghai Tours of China

The area was drab grey and dismal, China tours buildings were not outstanding. Why this is top of the list in Shsnghai I do not know unless you want to come to China and walk along a sterile westernised waterfront. This is def not the real China!

The Bund has an amazing collection of old colonial style building constructed 1890 - 1930 , with some great Art Deco architecture. The Peace hotel on the corner of Nanching Road is certainly worth going in , just to see the art deco elegance. Certainly Yangtze River cruises not crowded on a normal work day. This is a fabulous place to take pictures. Do the night cruise if possible, amazing scenery, a definite must see.

Shanghai tours

During the day we saw the skyscrapers across the river. It was National holiday so it was 5 times busier than Wembley on cup final day. Do not come here then as you cannot move. We had 30 - 40 minutes here and travel to Shangri-la spent 25 - 35 minutes stood against the railings as we got fed up with the crush.

The evening on a river tour was much better. You could see the Bund was still packed but the boat was not. The skyscrapers do look good all lit up but then don't all skyscrapers around the world. Take a chilled out walk along the waterfront at night and see the amazing light show on the buildings, it's a must see in shanghai and it's free, which in china is China tour almost unheard of!!

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