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Shanghai Tours-Enjoy Huangpu River Cruises in Shanghai

Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise (Shanghai Pujiang Youlan) offers the best way to see Yangtze River cruises both old and new Shanghai. View ancient and colonial buildings of the west side of
Shanghai and new futuristic skyscrapers on the east. Take a trip and enjoy the dynamic, unrivaled beauty of the Huangpu river. There is one office of Huangpu River Cruise located on the southern end of the Bund Promenade and another at Zhongshan. Float from the Bund to the Yangpu Bridge.

The Huangpu River is the longest river that passes through the city of Shanghai and is ice-free year round. It divides Shanghai into two sections: Pudong and Puxi, which means east of river and west of river respectively. There is a collection of the best city landscape of Shanghai on both sides of the river, with the stately colonial buildings along Shanghai tours the Bund and the eye-catching skyscrapers on the eastern shore of Pudong.

Shanghai tours

The Bund is the cultural section of Shanghai that best represents the blending of ancient and modern influences. This renowned waterfront district is the city’s most famous landmark. Pudong, the newer district of Shanghai, travel to Shangri-la is the financial and commercial hub with abundant Steel and glass structures. A Huangpu River Cruise is one of the best ways to see both old and new Shanghai.

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