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Discover Huangpu River in China Shanghai Tours

We've been here in Shanghai for
China tours four years now and we still love the Huang Pu tour as do our guests, as does our pre-schooler son. So, it's great for everyone, provided you go on a warm day or make sure you have your layers on!

The Huang Pu River is a tributary of the Yangtze and there is plenty of traffic on it to prove its importance. You'll see the magnificent building skylines on both the historic west side (the Bund), and the modern east side (Pudong) as well as the working area of coal boats filling barges and sending them downriver. It's fun to see such lively river life as well as Shanghai travel Shanghai's amazing skyline.


Shanghai tours

Great way to relax a bit and sight-see at the same time.

Perfect views of the Bund's landmark buildings with an explanation on the way.

See the modern skyscape of Pudong sprouting quickly on the east of the Huang Pu.

Watch the busy Huang Pu traffic of pleasure boats and worker barges cruising up and down Yangtze River cruises the river.

Fun for young kids and family friendly.


You don't always know which boat you're going to get, some are nicer than others.

Can be very chilly on a cold day - best to go in warm spring/summer/fall months.


Where: southern end of the Bund Promenade. Bund is Waitan, "why tahn", in mandarin.

Ticket Prices: prices vary but it should be around 40rmb. "Shanghai Scenery" is a good company to use.

Best Time to Go: warm spring, summer and fall days are the best time to go so you can sit Shangri-la adventure on the outer deck and enjoy.


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