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Travel to Binjiang Da Dao in Shanghai Tours of China

Shanghai is also a hot tourist China tours destination renowned for its many historical landmarks and modern buildings such as The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and its extensive growing Pudong skyline, etc. The beauty of Shanghai is centered on kinds of building of various styles. The old Chinese architectures make people immerse themselves in the world of 1930s. The towering skyscrapers make you feel amazing the modern technology. The Gothic arch, Baroque corridors and south gardens and residence of south China harmoniously display melding of the eastern and western culture.

Binjiang Da Dao

Location: East shoreline, Huangpu River , Pudong (entrances on either side of Lujiazui Lu)

Hours: Daily 6:30am-11pm (midnight in summer)

Transportation: Metro: Lujiazui

Prices: Free admission

Shanghai tours

Pudong's answer to the Bund, this strip of green along the east bank of the Huangpu River offers a fine view of the Bund at a distance. After dark, when the Bund's buildings are lit up and beacon lights sweep the river lanes, the view is one of the best in Yangtze River cruises Shanghai. The Riverside Promenade also affords marvelous views of Pudong's skyscrapers, and the Shanghai International Conference Center and its twin globes. Extending from Dongchang Lu and the river ferry terminal in the south to Taidong Lu in the north, the 2.5km-long (1 1/2-mile) promenade consists of manicured lawns, flower beds, and a broad walkway dotted with kiosks. Starbucks and Häagen-Dazs have staked out the best spots in the middle section around the Shangri-La hotel, so you can now have your view and your latte and ice cream, too.

Incense-bearing supplicants pray before a dizzying array of gilded Daoist deities, each entrusted with a specific cause. If Shanghai tours your timing is right, you may be able to catch a Daoist service, which is highly ritualized, often resembling pageants complete with music, Shanghai tour chanting, and processions of monks in colorful robes.

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