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Most visitors to China tours Shanghai do not come intending to pursue outdoor recreation or sports, but there is a wide range of such activities. Hotels routinely provide exercise machines, weights, aerobic and workout areas, swimming pools, locker rooms, and, less often, tennis and squash courts, all at little or no charge to their guests.

It is possible to use some hotels' fitness facilities even if you are not a guest (although the fees can be steep). Joggers in Shanghai will find the early morning streets and public parks conducive to running. Shanghai has its own annual international Yangtze River cruises marathon, the Toray Cup (run in mid-Nov).

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Golf and bowling are two of the most popular recreational sports in Shanghai, pursued by well-to-do locals, foreign residents, and overseas visitors, but you can also enjoy kite-flying, traditional taiji quan, and even go-cart racing Shangri-la tour if time and energy allow.

Spectator sports include Formula One racing, professional basketball, interleague soccer, and China business tour international badminton.

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