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Shanghai Tours-Great China Travel Guide of Shanghai

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In Shanghai: The best source of visitor information is the 24-hour Shanghai Call Center. Staffed by very helpful English- and Chinese-speaking university graduates, it's the first of its kind to offer such a service in the country, providing information on culture, entertainment, medical services, the economy, tourism, dining, transportation, entry-exit issues, and other Yangtze River cruises related topics on Shanghai.

Otherwise, Shanghai has an official Tourism Hot Line with the occasional English speaker who can be helpful. You can also try the 24-hour Tourist Information Line maintained by Spring Travel Service . Hotel staff and concierges can be a font of information as well, though even the most friendly and Shangri-la tour knowledgeable guest-relations officers at the top hotels can sometimes still be in the dark about any options off the beaten path. Also, beware of those who would try to sell you expensive tours.

There are about a dozen Tourist Information Service Centers (Lu[gum]you Zixun Fuwu Zhongxin) around Shanghai. They appear to exist mainly to sell various city tours and to book hotels but, depending on who is sitting behind the desk, they may be able to offer some guidance. You can also pick up city maps, postcards, brochures, and information on local sights, shopping, and restaurants here. The main office Shanghai tour is at Zhongshan Xi Lu 2525, Room 410, Changning District, with smaller branch offices at Nanjing Xi Lu 1699, Jing An District (tel. 021/6248-3259); Nanjing Dong Lu 561, Huangpu District ; Chengdu Nan Lu 127, Luwan District; and Lujiazui Xi Lu 168, Zhengda Guangchang first floor, Pudong.


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