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Shanghai Tours-Tips Best Dining Bets in Shanghai China

Best French: Mr & Mrs Bund, Paul Pairet's modern French eatery, takes China tour the prize for its creative and delicious cuisine that's all the more fun for being shared, and available till the wee hours of the morning. Jean Georges at Three on the Bund proves a worthy challenger with superb and creative entrees and wickedly sinful desserts.

Best Asian (Non-Chinese): Simply Thai, with several outlets, serves consistently delicious, authentic Thai food in the most charming of environments. Outside of hotel restaurants, the best Japanese cuisine and freshest sushi can be found, if you're lucky enough to Yangtze River cruises get a seat, at Sushi Oyama. Chor Bazaar is your best source for tasty Indian fare that is easy on the wallet.

Best Tongue Twister (Due Shanghai tours to Spicy Food): For the spiciest Chinese food, Di Shui Dong will give you chilies straight up by way of Hunan Province. Your sweat glands will be working overtime.

Best Vegetarian: The French Concession Zao Zi Shu takes its mission seriously (its name is also a pun that exhorts diners to China educational tours become vegetarians as soon as possible, zao chi su). There's no smoking, no MSG, no alcohol, and no dairy, but plenty of organic tea, fruit appetizers, flavorful vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu doubling as meat.

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