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Former Residence of Mme Soong Ching Ling Shanghai-Shanghai Tours

Shanghai is chaotic, overcrowded, overbuilt China tour, clogged with traffic, exuberant and totally unapologetic. Some years ago, the government figured out that funding Shenzhen and other economic development areas didn't make as much sense as allowing a place like Shanghai to find its own way in the world. So they stopped taking revenues out of the city, and let the city plan and spend on its own future.

Married to Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the father of modern China, and the most ethical of the famous Soong sisters, Soong Ching Ling is still revered and her home on Huaihai Road is worth the visit, if only to walk through an area of Shanghai that still Yangtze River cruises has a quiet and colonial air and to see the inside of a Shanghai villa.

There is a small museum inside the walls displaying gifts given to her by heads of state (boring) and photos and personal letters to/from her sisters (much more interesting, they Shangri-la adventure were Wesleyan College graduates and corresponded in English). You have to slip on hospital shoe covers in the front hall before going in. The house itself has much of the original furniture and artwork, but the upstairs is no longer open to tourists - apparently the floors are sagging from too much traffic.

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