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Wudaokou,literally in Chinese the fifth level crossing of the Jingbao Railway, is a neighborhood in the Haidian District of North West Beijing. It is around 10 km from the center of Beijing, between the fourth and fifth ring roads, and has good public transport links including a train station on Line 13 (the CityRail line) of the Beijing Subway. It became a commercial center in Haidian during the 1950s following the establishment of schools. Until as recently as 2001 the area consisted mainly of Hutong neighborhoods and late 1960s apartment blocks, but major development has erased many of these old structures, replacing them with luxury apartments and science parks. Many China travel agents has included this site to their deal, which are all well-reviewed among clients.

International Students in Wudaokou

Wudaokou is also known for its large number of international students. Wudaokou's popularity as an international student area is reflected in its large number of bars and nightclubs (including Bar Loco, Pyro, Lush and Propaganda), which generally offer cheaper prices than many similar clubs in more central areas, such as Sanlitun.

While centrally located along Beijing's Line 13 Subway, the 2-lane in each direction Chengfu Lu (Chengfu Road), which runs east-west under the light-rail subway line, suffers from severe traffic congestion problems regardless of rush hour primarily because of heavy foot traffic due to subway users as well as other pedestrians looking to go from the west side of Wudaokou to the east side. Also, railway tracks parallel to and less than 30 meters away from the subway tracks cross Chengfu Lu. The railway tracks limit ways of getting from one side of Wudaokou to the other. China tour deals with Wudaokou offered a great chance for travelers to discover this ancient place in Beijing.

A vender is selling Converse shoes in Wudaokou

Each foreign student's experience may vary, but generally Wudaokou has been described as a "global village" with young people from around the world. Walking on the street there, you can see various interesting people: students living simple lives but infatuated with vendor’s stand selling old books, rock-singers shuttling around with their guitar, foreigners practicing their Chinese language while walking or riding a bus or cab, Japanese or Korean students (who are always ahead of the trend) dying their hair green or we have so many people with different backgrounds and cultures, and everyone is trying to overcome the language obstacle to communicate and enjoy their time living in China.

However foreign students are reported to like Wudaokou not only because of its lifestyle, but also for its unique cultural atmosphere. There are more than ten universities in Beijing's Wudaokou area, and the majority are China's top universities, including Beijing University, Qinghua University, Beijing Language and Culture University. Because of this, when Chinese and world leaders come to Beijing, they offer come to Wudaokou to speak. It is no wonder that student tours to China with Wudaokou is so popular.

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