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Party and Shopping Guide of Shanghai China-Shanghai Tours

Places to Party

Shanghai offers a range of nightlife options. These include large dance China tours clubs featuring world class DJs to lounges and pubs, many of which are located near the Bund. The city also offers theatrical performances, opera, acrobatics, musicals and live music from large-scale rock, pop and classical performances featuring internationally famous artists.

Hot Tips: A schedule of events going on in the city can be found in Yangtze River cruises several monthly and bi-weekly magazines.

Where to Shop

Shanghai is famous throughout China for its shopping options. Head to Xujiahui and the surrounding area for electronic goods, from high-end computers to parts for custom-built electronics. High-end shopping Shangri-la tour can be found along Maoming South Road and contains art galleries and boutique fashion stores. Xintiandi, located in the French Concession, offers a mix of handmade accessories and souvenirs directed at tourists.

Caution: Although Xintiandi offers a range of shopping options, prices there are more expensive as the area is primarily directed towards tourists.

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