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Visit Shanghai of China-China Tours

As China's commercial capital prepares to host the World Expo in 2010, this China tours megacity of 19 million continues to grow and change at a breakneck pace.

Shanghai is like Tokyo on speed; whilst Tokyo is very polite and ordered, Shanghai is raw and very full on. The driving, especially cabs drivers, are nerve-racking and very funny - you haven't seen so much horn abuse anywhere; everyone seems to have a hair trigger behind the wheel.

The skyline is one of Shanghai's highlights, with developers seemingly looking Yangtze River cruises to outdo each other with the tallest, most extravagant building. Contemporary architecture and countless beautiful skyscrapers compete with the art deco buildings of "old Shanghai" for glory.

It's a tourist mecca, but the Oriental Pearl Tower, actually a TV tower, is worth Shangri-la tour a visit, or at least a viewing from across the river - the mind-blowing, futuristic Pudong view is best seen from the famous Bund at night.

When the haze of smog and mist student tours to China
clears, the view from the Park Hyatt, Shanghai's highest hotel (although set to be overtaken by the building being built across the road), is another must-see.

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