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What to Eat and Drink in Shanghai Tours of China

In an ancient land five millennia old, Shanghai feels like it was born yesterday. There are few age-old temples and monuments here, instead you’ll discover an extreme blend of art deco architecture, high-speed Maglevs, skyrocketing travel to Shangri-la buildings, European colonial neighbourhoods and charming 19th-century alleys.

The city’s most famous sesameseed- coated fried dumplings unquestionably belong to Yang’s Fry-Dumpling . Queues can China tours stretch for miles as eager diners wait for them to be dished out onto communist-era enamel dishes. Order at the left counter then join the queue on the right to pick up your order (54-60 Wujiang Rd; lunch; 4 dumplings 50p).

Dishuidong is the locals' choice for spicy Hunanese cooking in unpretentious Yangtze River cruises surroundings. Its greatest claim to fame are the cumin ribs, but there’s no excuse not to try the chicken and chilli clay pot or even the classic boiled frog (00 86 21 6253 2689; 2nd Fl, 56 South Maoming Road; lunch and dinner; mains £2-£8).

Factory is all about creativity, with a recording studio, exhibition space and China business travel retail shop. But it’s also a restaurant serving delicious kung pao chicken salad and peppercorn scallops (00 86 21 6563 3393; Bldg 4, 29 Shajing Rd; lunch and dinner; mains £2.50-£18).



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