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My Trip to Shanghai Sculpture Park China

Take the subway to Sheshan, then a 7-minute taxi ride (there's a taxi rank at the subway station) and you are at Yueyuanyuan Sclupture Park (often also referred to as Sheshan Sculpture Park).This park is different (in a good way!) from China business travel many others I have seen in China:

- the 120 CNY entrance fee (per adult) keeps the riff-raff out and makes the park an uncrowded, quiet and well-preserved destination for a Sunday morning stroll (or a day's outing, if you bring enough food and drink - bringing an entire picnic along is fine as far as I could tell). The ticket actually includes a soft drink at any of the restaurants, which wasn't very obvious to us but a nice surprise. The China educational tours grounds are overly manicured and in some locations a touch sterile; but on the other hand - and as opposed to other places - you can walk on the grass, bring your dog and let it off the leash, play frisbee or badminton - we were surprised this was okay with the park, since many places in China just will not allow this.

- there is an artificial beach quite close to what can best be described as the general entertainment and food area. I suggest you stay away from that, this is the only place where people gather and it gets a bit noisy. There are many more China tours beautiful spots that you can occupy and feel as if you are more or less alone ("alone" by Chinese definition!)

- many people do not seem to notice, and the park map also does not seem to make it easy to navigate: the park connects to the equally beautiful grounds of the "Le Meridien" hotel. This is a big building on your left after you pass the "beach" area if you are going through the park clock-wise. After a bit of searching we had no problem going through China tour the gate to the hotel for a nice lunch. if you come by public transport, the hotel is also a good place to depart from, since the concierge there will organize a taxi for you. If you believe that Shanghai is all about Bund, shopping, bars, Tianzefang and dumplings, the go out here and be surprised!

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