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Discover Huangpu River Night Cruises in Shanghai Tours

At 97 kilometers, the Huangpu River is the longest river that passes through the city of Shanghai. The River divides Shanghai into two sections: Pudong in the east, and Puxi in the West. The Huangpu River averages a width of some 500 meters as it snakes its China tours way through Shanghai, with an average depth of 11 meters. It is also the source of most of Shanghai's drinking water, after it goes through a purification process, of course.

Almost equally important today, the Huangpu is the site of a bustling tourist business in the form of river cruises, which originate at Shiliupu Pier just south of the Bund area (there is a corresponding set of cruises up the Yangtze River that begin near the mouth of the Huangpu, where it empties into the Yangtze), where the Huangpu flows alongside the now restored architecture of Shanghai's Yangtze River cruises former British colonial heartland.

There are several tour lengths that one can sign up for, from a short, 30-minute cruise to a long, 3½ hour cruise. The 30-minute cruise passes the Bund, then proceeds on northward to the area designated as the New Bund, and on to Binjiang Avenue of Pudong, a newly travel to Shangri-la developed economic district, where the cruise boat reverses itself and proceeds back to its point of origin at Shiliupu Pier, south of the Bund.

All of the Huangpu River Cruises are of course round trips. The 1-hr excursion proceeds beyond Pudong as far as Yangpu Bridge, while the 2-hr excursion ends at Nanpu Bridge farther north, both very graceful suspension bridges (a bridge reveals its beauty more readily when viewed from the side, which is the view provided by a Huangpu River Cruise). The longest excursion lasts 3½ hours, and China educational tours ends at Wusongkou Harbour, not far from the mouth of the Huangpu, which empties into the great estuary where the Yangtze meets the East China Sea.

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