Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Top Reasons to Take Shanghai Tours

Shanghai, the Oriental Paris, is China’s biggest and most prosperous city. It is one of China's greatest economic and cultural centers, therefore it is popularly seen as the birthplace of everything considered modern in China. The city rivals New York or Paris in terms of modernity, and boasts a blended culture of the East and the West. China business travel is a tourist destination famous for historical landmarks as well as modern, ever-expanding skylines. You will never get bored in this dynamic metropolis. You can also check out recommended top things to do, attractions and destinations to visit in China

ShanghaiShanghai has a population of more than 20 million. It is the largest city in China and the second largest city proper in the world after Mumbai. Today it is the largest center of commerce and China educational tours finance in mainland China, with many Chinese and international companies opening offices here, especially along the Bund. Undergoing a construction boom, new high-rise buildings are making a new skyline in Shanghai.

2. A Blend of Eastern and Western Cultures

The Bund in ShanghaiWith a favorable location and distinct oriental culture, Shanghai has attracted many foreigners, including Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein and Tagore, to live here, or just experience China tours the oriental charm. In the eyes of a foreigner, Shanghai has a unique oriental charm, while in the eyes of a Chinese, Shanghai certainly has strong Western flavor.

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