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Discover Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai China

Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple in Shanghai. It was founded in 1882 by Hui Gen, from an abbot from Mount Putuo. Hui Gen had a pilgrimage to Tibet via Mount Emei and Mount Wutai, two famous Buddhist mountains. Then, he arrived at Burma where he got five jade statues of Buddha donated by an oversea Chinese resident. Passing through Shanghai, Hui Gen Shanghai tour left two jade statues and had a temple built for keeping them. In 1911, the temple was ruined in uprising. In 1918, the Temple was reconstructed at a new site. During 10 years of Culture Revolution, the temple was destroyed again. Fortunately, the two jade statues were well protected.

Jade Buddha Temple

The temple contains Hall of Four Heavenly King, Grand Hall, abbot room, Jade Buddha Chamber and public restaurant. The Hall of Four Heavenly King has three scarlet gates which mean freeing China business travel yourself from worldly affairs in Buddhism. The hall enshrines Maitreya and Four Heavenly King who represent favorable circumstance. The Grand Hall contains the statues of Three Golden Buddha. In the central is the statue of Sakyamuni, the right Bhaisajyaguru and the left Amitabha.

At the north entrance to the Grand Hall stands the statue of Avalokitevara with her two disciples on both sides. Jade Buddha Chamber enshrines sitting jade Buddha left by Hui Gen on the second floor. This jade Buddha is 1.92 high and 1 ton. On the both side of jade Buddha are cabinets which hold over 7,000 volumes of precious Buddhist scriptures. On the Yangtze River cruises first floor is abbot room where a Sakyamuni portrait is hanged on the wall.

Another jade Buddha, a reclined Buddha, is in the west section of the temple. In 1989, a Singapore believer donated a reclined Buddha enshrined on the opposite side of the jade reclined Buddha. The Jade Buddha Temple is China tours famous for its two jade statues of Buddha. The temple attracts a numbers of visitors at home and abroad and also a must-see for tourists to Shanghai.

Admission Fee: 20RMB per person Open Time: 6:30 – 15:30 Phone: 021-62663668

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