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Explore Gaoyi Waist-hold Drum in China

Gaoyi Waist-hold Drum originated from the 1950s, which is the new art form produced in the process of the Northern Shaanxi waist-hold spreading throughout the country, and through 50 years of development and improvement. It has become a kind of vivid, special fold art with local flavor. Gaoyi Waist-hold Drum is originally the accompany instrument of giant war drum in the China educational tours same position as cymbal etc.

Some other folk musical instrument, shown on the stage with the big yangko during sacrificial and celebration activities. In the 1960s, Gaoyi Waist-hold Drum was formally separated from the bass drum and yangko and lifted to the main position whose China business travel accompaniment is the cymbal.

Gaoyi Waist-hold Drum has a long and slender body with two heads and curtain surfaces, much the same as the waist-hold drum of the Northern Shanxi in the size and shape, and is tied to the left side of one’s waist. The performers are dressed as the ancient soldiers in variety of colors. Their trousers and gowns are ornamented with cloud-shaped designs, colored Shanghai tours kerchiefs tied around their heads, silk strips around their waists to fasten the drum, thus make people feel full of power and grandeur, striking and dazzling.

Gaoyi Waist-hold Drum is featured with a strong lineup and uniform. The drumbeats vary constantly up to the conductor. The basic movements are playing drumstick, formation variation, China tours jumping while beating,

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