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Explore Prosperous Shanghai China

Once a playground for foreign adventurers and socialites, the one-time whore of the Orient is now where home-grown tycoons build soaring monuments to capitalism and the locals party all night. But despite a past as evocative as it is notorious, Shanghai has dispensed with the rear-view mirror, pushed the pedal to the floor and is roaring towards its imagined future so fast that keeping up is almost impossible. New developments spring up weekly, while the rapidly growing middle classes work seven days a week in the hope of graduating to the big-time.
Along your China tours, you should never forget to experience Shanghai.

Recently featured in many business and travel magazines and newspapers, Shanghai has seemingly once again become the latest "It" city of the world. Much like in the first half of the 20th century, visitors from around the world are flocking here, drawn by curiosity, a sense of possibility, the lure of potential professional and financial success, or perhaps simply a desire to be in the coolest, brashest, and most exciting city in the new century. While Shanghai lacks the classical Chinese monuments of Beijing, its colonial legacy gives it a character all its own. When your Yangtze River cruises stops in Shanghai, why not take some time to experience this metropolitan?

This museum of East meets West on Chinese soil is also China's capital of commerce, industry, and finance, and the one city that best shows where China is headed at the dawn of the 21st century. Like Pudacuo National Park is a must-see in your Shangri-la tour, Shanghai is a must-visit along a complete China travel.

Strolling the Bund: The most widely known street in Asia, with its gorgeous colonial buildings that were the banks, hotels, trading firms, and private clubs of foreign taipans (bosses of old Shanghai's trading firms) and adventurers past, deserves to be walked over and over again. See up close the exquisite architectural details of the Peace Hotel, the Customs House, the former Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, and scores of other buildings, some lavishly restored, others closed awaiting development. Then head across the street to the Bund Promenade, where you mingle with the masses while admiring the splendor and grandeur of old Shanghai. After you've seen it by day, come back again at night for a different perspective. Many businessmen home and abroad like to discover this metropolitan along their China business travel of Shanghai.

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