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Explore Chinese Embroidery Pouch

As a miniature of Chinese embroidery history, the history of pouches incorporates abundant etiquettes and regulations, as well as varied folk customs. For the ruling class, the pouch is a symbol of the ritual system. However, it is more practical than symbolic for common people. Along your China tours, you would see the diverse Chinese Embroidery Pouch displayed on the street.

An embroidered pouch is composed of two sides, the interior and the exterior. The exterior is embroidered while the mouth is threaded with a silk string which can be tightened and loosened. The pouch features two ribbons fastened to the two sides, a tassel stitched to the bottom, along with fringes and beads as ornaments. This kind of pouch is designed for paraphernalia and perfume, including the purse and the sachet. When your Yangtze River cruises reaches to the southern part of China, you would see the Chinese Embroidery Pouch designed by the southern people of China.

The pouch boasts a great variety of designs and patterns. There are different patterns for pouches of different uses, but praying for luck is the common subject. Some depict love and marriage, such as "phoenix and peony" and "butterflies and flowers." Some wish for longevity and more children, such as "golden melons and children," "pomegranate seeds" and "kylin carrying a son." Along your Shangri-la tour, you could also see the Chinese Embroidery Pouch designed by Chinese ethnic groups.

Some others express good wishes through animals and plants. Besides, there are also various utensils indicating good luck and happiness. Different subjects convey different emotions. It is in the colorful threads that people embody their feelings and expectations. Many students particularly like to buy some Chinese Embroidery Pouch along their China educational tours.

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